International Society for Professional Innovation Management – Bangkok 2020


In-depth Analysis of the Effects of Smart Services on Value Creation


Jannik Reinhold, Maximilian Frank, Christian Koldewey, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Roman Dumitrescu und Eugen Buss


The manufacturing industry is currently undergoing a tremendous change in value creation caused by two megatrends: digitalization and servitization. In response to these two trends, new hybrid market offerings are emerging, so-called Smart Services. Traditional manufacturing companies planning to provide these data-based Services are confronted with new requirements of value creation that are no longer fulfilled by their historically grown value networks. Since the change from a pure manufacturer to a Smart Service provider is a challenging task, companies may follow a strategy-driven transformation process. Planning and realizing such a transformation process require anticipated effects of future value creation as Smart Service Provider on a company’s current value network. This is the basis for planning strategic transformation initiatives with corresponding goals. The paper at hand addresses these issues with a methodology for an in-depth analysis of the effects of Smart Services on value creation. It consists of four consecutive phases: initial analysis, effect analysis, in-depth analysis and implementation planning. The methodology is validated by four case studies from tooling machine industry.